This activity almost delivers equal fun of the climbing as much a natural standing rock gives. It has a standard height of 40 to 50 feet. With the help of a rope and other safety equipment attached to the body, one has to climb up and reach the top and return back to the wall’s root that is called rappelling. These days this activity is gaining popularity across the India among children and youths.


This cable based adventure activity comprises of a pulley over hanging on  a rope, mounted on a slope. It is in tended to empower a client prompted by gravity to head out from the top to the base of the slanted rope by clutching the uninhibitedly moving pulley. It may be short yet it’s engaging movement and getting to be noticeably a standout amongst the most well known excursion exercises


The invention of the Burma Bridge was done by the Japanese to connect Burmaand Thailand during the Second World War by rail and road. At that time the bridge was built under the railway project over the Kwai River. After taking inspiration from the design of this bridge, it was developed as a tool to use for Army training program.Currently, it has become one of the most prominent adventure activities.


One of the most common activities use to provide training to the army. Itis knitted knot that is usually made from the nylon rope. The net is tied to the height of about 15- 20 feet from the base with the help of two parallel poles or trees. This activity also comprises in one of the best outdoor adventures. It tests your stamina and also checks the extent of your fear to ascending to the height


A very simple climbing activity in which medium-sized tires are tied to the height of about 10-15 feet from the base with the help of the ropes and a couple of poles. You’ve to use your hand and feet to make the grip on tires and climb upwards and again come downwards with the same process. To complete this activity thoroughly you should have good stamina

Valley crossing

A sits name suggests, you have to cross and cover the distance between two valleys but here as in the form of adventure activity, you will do it through ropes.

Don’t panic, the rope is tied to the strong objects at both the end. You have to just wear a harness that is attached.

This become very famous now a days.

Suspension Bridge

This adventure activity that is developed with the help of ropes and inspired by the real design of such bridges that lies in the different part of the world. It makes substantial use of strain some what than compression. Walking over the suspension bridge gives an adventurous feel due to its spontaneous swinging behavior

Ladder Bridge

For the purpose of adventure activity, it has been created with the help of bamboos or the logs asa ladder and fitted horizontally in the form of a bridge. Ropes are used to tie it to the poles or between trees. Ladder bridge is supposed to be common adventure activities frequently

used these days by many adventures enthusiast

Paint Ball

Paint ball can be played in a natural and artificially developed area of different extent depends on the requirement and which players use for the strategic shield. Fun types in paint ball shift, however, can incorporate finding & hold the flag, bullet limits, protect or assaulting a specific zone, or be holding objects of intrigue covered up in the performing stretch.

Parallel Rope

A simple activity made from a couple of the ropes that fix at the average height of 10-15 feet from the  base to walk on in parallel direction. Another couple of ropes being fixed to hold the hands to make the grip.

Balance Walk

Balance walk activity tests your balancing skill while moving in forwarding direction. It’s agre at activity developed with the help of rope and

Archery Activities

Archery is a traditional activity that tests the level of your focus on a target. It gives the feeling
of joy and focused the mind to individuals indulging in archery

Zorbing ball

Its shape is spherical like a globe and uses specifically at down hill. You have to enter an orb and rolling from the upto downward direction.

Team building Games

Musical Chair, Tug of War,

Treasure Hunt, Pass the Ball, Pass the Ring, Ball Pitto.

Indoor Games

Chess, Ludo, Carrom, Table Tennis, Snake & Ladder, Tam bola,

Pool Table

Outdoor Games


Water Activity

Rain dance with music,
Swimming pool

Other Activities

Jungle Trekking, Tractor Ride, Camel Ride, Bird Watching

Hope you would satisfying enough to know about the different adventure and fun activities available on our premises. So we would like to welcome you to participate and enjoy these activities which are supposed to be one of the well-structured adventure activities in Gurgaon, near Delhi & NCR.